Digital Transformation Advisors

Digital Transformation Advisors

Culture First Holistic Transformation Towards Reliable Digital Solutions

The Cultural Dimension of People-centric Digital Innovation & Transformation

Empowering teams to deliver reliable digital solutions requires new people-centric capabilities such as SRE, Continuous Delivery, MLOps, Observability, and Continuous Verification. Within Swiss Digital Network, we compile such capabilities under an umbrella approach called the Digital Highway.

The Digital Highway is a generic blueprint for high-velocity
delivery of reliable digital solutions. Yet, beyond these technical capabilities, teams must develop and establish a critical, often overlooked dimension, culture. Many organizations grapple with the cultural aspects of transformation, unknowingly taking significant risks with technology-only initiatives.

Since, to navigate the speed, challenges, and complexities of today’s distributed digital systems, conventional hierarchy-driven cultures and mindsets fall short.

At Digital Transformation Advisors, we strongly believe that Culture Transformation must complement technical initiatives, operating model adoption and skills development programs.

A Collective Approach to Authentic Transformation

Traditional top-down approaches to cultural transformation often lack adoption by the people, which can then slow down holistic and strategic transformation such as the ones required by the Digital Highway capabilities. Our approach is different, as it democratizes the Culture transformation process through the involvement of the concerned people, and it leverages proven collective and design thinking approaches.


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Our culture-first holistic transformation approach

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations face significant challenges in successfully navigating the complexities of digital transformation. With less than 30% of businesses achieving their digital transformation goals, it has become evident that a culture-first holistic approach is essential.

“Our Culture-First Holistic Transformation Approach” encompasses three essential dimensions for a comprehensive and impactful digital transformation.

1- Digital Technology Transformation

At the core of our approach is a commitment to guide and advance your organization into the complexity of today’s modern IT.

We prioritize the adoption of a cloud-native stack, harness advanced Data Science & AI capabilities, and emphasize high-velocity delivery. This dimension serves as the technological foundation, ensuring your organization can navigate the complexities of highly distributed and dynamic digital systems.

2- Digital Operating Model

Beyond technology, our methodology addresses the operational aspects of your organization.

Through the cultivation of Collaborative Full-stack Teams (CFT) for DevOps and MLOps, the implementation of SRE-centric IT Operations Management & Service Level Management practices, and the fostering of value streams oriented product teams, we aim to instill agility, resilience, and efficiency at every operational layer.

3- Digital Culture Transformation

Recognizing the pivotal role of culture in lasting transformation, our approach places a significant emphasis on cultural evolution.

We encourage openness towards change, foster a culture of innovation and continuous learning, and prioritize customer-centricity. This cultural transformation ensures that your organization not only adapts to change but actively shapes it.

Swiss Digital network

One hub. Multiple expertise.

Digital Transformation Advisors, an independent and dynamic cell within Swiss Digital Network, specializes in Culture-First Holistic Transformation Consulting.
Our services span from comprehensive assessments to roadmap development, encompassing Collective Thinking and Designing—a collaborative endeavor to craft a Culture-First Transformation Roadmap for the Digital Highway.

With 25 years of field experience, Swiss Digital Network is uniquely positioned to tackle the challenge of building, deploying, and sustaining complex capabilities like advanced DevOps and SRE, Data, AI, and MLOps while ensuring business-critical service levels within highly distributed and agile digital systems.
Our expertise has been honed through years of practical implementation and continuous learning.

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our digital highway

Drawing on our extensive experience during the last 25+ years, in helping teams ensure the reliability of their business-critical systems, we have developed the concept of the “Digital Highway.” This generic blueprint for high-velocity delivery of reliable digital solutions consists of advanced capabilities, such as SRE, MLOps, and Continuous Verification that enables seamless collaboration among Product Owners, DevOps, Data Engineering, Data Scientists, Software, QA, and Site Reliability Engineers to deliver reliable Digital Solutions.

It facilitates the AI-driven deployment, testing and operating software solutions, data-driven applications, and machine-learning models through continuous delivery pipelines and in production.

The ‘Digital Highway’ serves as a generic blueprint, charting the course for a people-centric transformation that empowers the reliable delivery of digital solutions and which need to be adapted to the customer and team’s context and targets.


Effective SRE for Software, Data, and ML models

The application of a systematic, holistic, disciplined approach to the definition, evaluation, and cost-effective assurance of Service Level Objectives in the context of High-Velocity Delivery is usually required as a central capability in Digital, DevOps, or Cloud transformation roadmaps. The Effective SRE practices can be tailored to address Data and Model pipelines in addition to Software


Effective Continuous Delivery for Software, Data, and ML Models

Harnessing artificial intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities to drive seamless design and orchestration of continuous delivery pipelines for Software, Data & ML Models.


Effective DataOps, MLOps and AIOps

Applying a systematic, holistic, disciplined approach to a cost-effective delivery of reliable  Data-, ML-, and AI-driven systems. Effective MLOps applies advanced DevOps practices such as SRE, Continuous Delivery, and Observability to Data- and ML-Pipelines, in addition to the Software pipelines.


Effective Observability Engineering for Software, Data and ML Models

Applying a systematic, holistic, disciplined approach for the design, instrumentation, and cost-effective data collection, processing & analytics to observe and understand the behavior of complex digital system and increase its operations & development productivity.


Effective Continuous Verification & AI-driven Testing

Applying a systematic, holistic, disciplined approach for the design, instrumentation, and cost-effective data collection, processing & analytics to observe quality gates through the delivery pipelines for software, Data, and ML models, automating their Verification and increasing the overall testing & SRE productivity.

Designing, building, and maintaining the Digital Highway, require two essential people-centric elements

Novel operating models & engineering skills

Successfully navigating the Digital Highway demands proficiency not only in cutting-edge engineering skill sets but also novel operating models that adapt to the evolving demands of the digital landscape.

Appropriate Mindset and Culture

Achieving success on the Digital Highway extends beyond technical proficiency—it requires fostering an adaptable mindset and culture. Embracing innovation, continuous learning, and collaboration stands as essential elements.

In essence, the Digital Highway represents a transformative approach that not only embraces technological advancements but also recognizes the importance of human elements in shaping a resilient and forward-thinking digital ecosystem.

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