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Tailored Transformation Consulting Services

At Digital Transformation Advisors, we understand that every organization is at a unique point in its Culture transformation cycle. To align with your strategy and progress, we offer a range of tailored and bundled Transformation consulting services designed to meet your specific needs.

Digital Transformation Advisors Packs

Starter Pack

Culture First Holistic Transformation Foundation Assessment , Target Definition & Roadmaps

Standard Pack

*Starter Pack + Minimal Viable Product/Pilot + 10 Collective & Design Thinking Workshops (1 CDT Workshops Monthly )

Sustainable Pack

**Standard Pack + 1-2 Monthly Collective & Design Thinking Sessions

Starter Pack: Culture-First Holistic Transformation Foundation

Services Included:

  • Assessment of Current State
  • Target Definition
  • Roadmap Development

Standard Pack: Starter Pack + MVP/Pilot

Additional Inclusions:

  • Minimal Viable Product/Pilot Implementation
  • 10 Collective & Design Thinking Workshops (1 CDT workshop monthly)

Sustainability Pack: Standard Pack + Monthly Sessions

Additional Inclusions:

    • 1-2 Monthly Collective & Design Thinking Sessions

Assessment Activities

We rely on several practical and proven maturity models developed with the other Swiss Digital Network cells in the last years.
The following maturity models are usually used in this phase:

Tailoring Your Transformation

Starter Pack:

Culture-First Holistic Transformation Foundation

The foundation of your transformation journey begins with our Starter Pack. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current state, define achievable targets, and craft a roadmap that aligns with your organization’s unique needs.

Standard Pack:

Starter Pack + MVP/Pilot

Building on the foundation, our Standard Pack includes the implementation of an MVP/Pilot to validate transformation initiatives. Additionally, we conduct 10 Collective & Design Thinking Workshops, fostering a collaborative environment with a monthly CDT workshop.

Sustainability Pack:

Standard Pack + Monthly Sessions

For sustained success, our Sustainability Pack offers continuous support. In addition to the Standard Pack, you benefit from 1-2 Monthly Collective & Design Thinking Sessions, ensuring ongoing alignment and adaptability to evolving needs.


Why Choose Us

Why Choose Our Packaged Services?

Tailored Solutions:

Each pack is designed to be flexible, allowing customization based on your organization's unique requirements.

Progressive Approach:

Our service packs are structured to guide your transformation progressively, ensuring that each phase builds upon the previous one.

Holistic Transformation:

We prioritize a culture-first approach, recognizing that lasting change involves not only technological advancements but also a shift in mindset and culture.

Our authentic approach for collective & Design Thinking:

We strongly believe that the complexity brought by the highly distributed and ephemeral digital platforms cannot be handled efficiently and sustainably by traditional pyramidal and hierarchical collaboration paradigms.

What's More

Furthermore, the high reliability debt induced by the high delivery velocity resulting from increasing adoption of agile, DevOps, Data and ML-driven approaches needs higher level of collective intelligence (even higher than the one of AI and Robots!).

We have therefore developed a pragmatic coaching approach based on the moderation of the critical thinking of the teams towards collective shaping and conception of an authentic new values-driven culture and collaboration model.

Our Collective & Design Thinking augments the Design Thinking approach with few “Critical Thinking” patterns coming from fundamental and pragmatic philosophy such as:

  • The Socratic Maieutic Method towards the “birth” of an own new Digital or DevOps culture

  • The Community of Inquiry Model to enable the collective “intelligence” managing the new culture by design rather than default

  • Concepts and reasoning models of famous Philosophers who intensively worked on the topics like coping with changes, emotions, self-transformation, sense and ethics at work, decision making, etc.